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Why Rapid Installation Of Pop Up Tents Is So Important

In traditional construction, there is a triangle of priorities that a structure or facility can have, but a temporary pop-up building can potentially offer a complete package that other building methods cannot match.

The saying, credited to a number of thinkers but believed to originate with James Wallace posits that in any business endeavour, a company can have any two of speed, quality and price.

On the face of it, this makes a lot of sense. Making something of high quality that is of an affordable price can be slow, making something fast and cheap means the quality will suffer, and so on.

This makes a lot of sense with traditional construction methods, however using high-quality temporary structures can actually complete the triangle, with an end user getting a high-quality affordable building quickly.

Here is how they do it.

Why Is Construction Expensive?

To understand how this is possible, it is important to understand the cost breakdown of a typical construction project, and exactly where the money is being spent.

When building a new business facility, the most significant chunk of the cost of a project is not necessarily the raw materials or the land the building is being constructed upon. 

These are not insignificant expenses and will often show up as the biggest cost on a balance sheet, but the biggest expense is the cost of labour and construction.

Buildings take a long time to make, especially when using involved materials such as concrete that require a lot of people to operate different machinery and carefully manage the process from start to finish.

Often they are specialised, carefully managed and paid accordingly in order to get results that will stand the test of time.

They are also the most variable expense; a company can within a certain threshold opt to have more or less staff, which will affect the time the project will take to complete.

This is why you can have, with a traditional construction project, a project take longer and cost less, or be completed quicker and cost more as a greater number of people are tasked with building.

However, what if this variable expense was almost entirely removed?

Prefabrication And Having It All

Prefabrication is the key to getting around the issue of variable expenses. Construction can take a long time, materials can fluctuate in price and the longer a project goes on, the greater the chance of a situation that can cause a delay.

By removing the variability of the construction site, all of the components can be perfectly cut to fit in a controlled environment, saving money on both materials and man-hours.

Once a prefabricated kit is complete to the needs of the buyer, it is then a simple matter of setting it up, which reduces the construction process of the end user once all of the components arrive from months or even years to a matter of weeks.

This saves a lot of time, which saves a lot of money on paying for man-hours, which translates into a lower overall cost.


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