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New Website Launch

Welcome to our new website!

Here at ShelterIt we have been working hard to improve access on our website for you so it's now even easier to find your perfect storage solution.

Be it a temporary garage, portable warehouse, or any other storage solution, we can work with you to solve the growing problems of your expanding business or project providing a cost-efficient space for your stock or welfare needs.

The range of storage and warehousing options we can provide to you is fairly endless.

Due to our standard and bespoke shelter selection we can cater to the needs of everyone when it comes to a fair priced option of a durable steel framed building with a high-quality PVC fabric outer cover.​

Our shelters are completely windproof, waterproof and fire-retardant.

Be it rain, wind or snow the cover will provide protection from the elements due to a high quality 610g/m2 PVC standard with varying thicknesses available, as well as being made of a fire-retardant fabric that eliminates safety concerns on site.

Our team can always help.

Call us on 01757289067 for a sales representative to work with you to find the best and most cost-efficient solution.

Call: 01757 289067


ShelterIt for all your temporary and portable shelter solutions.

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