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Top Tips For Setting Up A Temporary Venue At Short Notice

The key appeal of industrial tents is that they are inherently easy to put up and take down, making them ideal for temporary use at events, festivals and when last-minute shelters are needed.

Despite this rapid assembly and installation, most of the events they tend to be used for are planned far in advance; a festival tent may only be installed a week before the event but the order and contracts for the installers are often arranged months ahead of time.

However, what happens if a temporary venue needs to be set up at short notice, either due to a sudden problem with the original venue or the sudden launch of a last-minute pop-up event?

At the foot of such a mountainous task, planning and setting up a short-notice event venue can feel insurmountable, but with an easily installed tent as a venue, a set of priorities, and a plan to work smart, it is amazing what can be achieved.

Secure Your Venue

The first step of any successful event is to secure your venue, and in this context, your venue is not only the tent itself but also the land and any relevant permissions you need to set up on it.

You also need to make sure you have enough furniture, generators to run lighting and heating, as well as any decorations you need to make the event work, such as staging, lighting and audio-visual equipment.

Get The Word Out Early

As soon as you have your venue and you know for sure that it can happen on the date you want, aggressively market your event and send out invites to your target audience.

Without a lot of time to arrange marketing campaigns, you need to work quickly to ensure you have a good enough audience for your event, whether it includes a set of delegates or is a mini-festival.

Work Out Your Priorities

A short-notice event will not allow you to give equal amounts of budget, time and attention to every detail, so take some time to work out a list of priorities.

Rather than focus on what is nice to have, ensure you have everything you absolutely need to run the event first and go from there.

If you are running a last-minute concert or mini-festival, make sure you have the equipment you need and a list of potential performers.

If you are running a pop-up market, make sure you have enough sellers, storage and amenities 

to ensure everyone who wants to sell has what they need.

Having a list of what you need handy will help you avoid getting sidetracked by extra parts that are nice to have but require time and resources.

Never Forget To Make It Stand Out

Ultimately, if you want people to attend an event, it still needs a selling point even if it is happening at short notice, so look into themes and opportunities to make your event unique without spending too much time that you simply do not have.

Obviously, this should not stop you from running an event at all, but there will be ways to still make your event special.


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