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What Do You Need For A Temporary Car Workshop?

The first and most important part of a temporary car workshop is having the right temporary refurbishment shelter building for the job, one that will protect your equipment, tools and project vehicles from the elements whilst they are being worked on.

This first step ensures that your stricken vehicles are protected during a time when they may be more vulnerable to corrosion than most, but the next step is equipping yourself with the tools, equipment and staff to do something about it.

A temporary workshop is typically used by garages and fleet managers who require some extra space, but if you are working from scratch, what do you need for an effective car workshop beyond a well-stocked toolbox of standard hand tools?

Here are some of the extra tools that are needed to make a temporary car workshop work for you, your vehicles and your customers.

Latex Gloves

When working with cars, it is somewhat inevitable that oil and other lubricants are going to end up on your hands, so a pair of gloves is essential to avoid damaging your skin or making your grip too slippery.

A pair of reusable work gloves are good enough for this, but are quite difficult to clean once they do get oily and if you do reuse them without properly cleaning them they can make a project much more difficult than it needs to be.

A pack of disposable latex gloves will protect against oil and then can be simply be disposed of once you are done.


With cars so reliant on electrical components, a multimeter is an essential piece of safety and diagnostic equipment to avoid electrical shocks as well as finding faults.

It helps to identify the hot wire, how much power is running through it and whether this is a source of an issue that might be stopping the car from functioning.

With the rise in popularity of electric vehicles, these are only becoming more important, and are an essential part of any car repair toolkit.

Impact Wrench

Sometimes known as an air gun and a common sight in race track pit lanes, an impact wrench is an essential piece of equipment for anyone who takes car repair seriously. 

Whilst it is used for a variety of purposes in large-scale construction, in car repair it is primarily used to tighten or loosen wheel nuts quickly, allowing for rapid repair and replacement of wheels.

The amount of time and energy it saves compared to using a socket wrench is enough to make it worth it for anyone who is setting up a car workshop, temporary or otherwise.


A hydraulic device for lifting heavy vehicles, a jack is essential for accessing the underside of a vehicle in order to undertake essential repairs.

Make sure the floor and jack are strong enough to support the vehicle’s weight, which depending on whether you are repairing cars or trucks could require a heavy-duty pneumatic solution if a standard trolley jack is simply not strong enough.


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