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Why Pop-Up Tents Are A Great Choice For Outdoor Events

We’re heading into the season of food festivals, outdoor music gigs, and summer fairs, so it is essential organisers think carefully about the shelters they will need.

In an ideal world, it would all be held outdoors, and visitors will be able to enjoy bright blue skies and warm temperatures. However, with spring having had an unsettled start, and March 2024 being named the wettest March for 40 years, it is sensible to have a solid back-up plan. 

Here are just some reasons why pop-up temporary shelters are a good idea for this summer’s events. 

Shelter from the rain

Though we might want to believe the summer months will be sunny and dry, the truth is you never know what to expect with British weather. One day there could be a heatwave and the next there could be a torrential storm. 

Therefore, it is always worth having a shelter where people can escape if they need to get out of the rain. This will enable them to stick around until the downpour clears up, so they can carry on enjoying their day out. 

If, however, there was no shelter, the nearest dry place they are likely to head to is their car, meaning organisers would potentially lose out on lots more visitors and, subsequently, custom. 

Protection from the sun 

Similarly, you don’t know if this could be a boiling hot summer. In July 2022, the mercury hit 40.3C in the UK, making it the hottest day for the country on record.

Thanks to climate change, temperatures could soar that high again this summer, which means visitors will need somewhere to go if they can’t stand being in the heat. 

Most outdoor festivals are in the open air, providing little protection from UV rays and the glare of the sun. 

Excess sun exposure could put people at risk of heatstroke, sunburn, dehydration, heat exhaustion and water intoxication, or hyponatremia. That is why it is essential people drink plenty of water, wear a high SPF sunscreen, and take shelter from the sunshine during the hottest parts of the day. 

While everyone needs to take responsibility for their own safety, it is important that festival managers provide facilities to keep attendees safe and well, including temporary shelter.

Workshops and presentations

Hiring large pop-up shelters also makes a great space to host workshops during outdoor events, from art classes to children’s activities. Having a designated space enables the leader to host something special for attendees, which can also earn the festival extra income. 

They are also very useful for live presentations, with chefs and other experts often teaching an audience how they master a particular skill. This presents another opportunity for festival organisers to make more money on the day, and makes the event more interactive and engaging.


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