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Aspiring HS2 Subcontractors To Bid For New Contracts

The use of storage canopies can be particularly useful for any construction or engineering firm that needs to bring a lot of material to a site but then move it, a good example being a new road or rail project, where the canopy might be moved on to another site at various junctures further along the route.

Such canopies may prove particularly useful for the firms that win contracts in the next round available on the HS2 project.

While parts of the project have been scaled back or delayed, there is a lot still going on and HS2 Ltd has announced that the next ‘Meet the Contractor’ event will take place in Manchester on June 23rd.

All sorts of contracts will be available. Some will supply products while others will install them. The work streams list includes work on the urban realm around the line, including earthworks, landscaping and tree work. It also includes fitting out stations, drainage and associated works, and highways.

This could mean, for instance, that shelters will be used to store items and provide points of rest for workers while they carry out tasks like putting concrete and plastic drainage elements in place, installing fencing during landscape work, or storing and then moving into position structural steel, cladding and flooring around stations.

Commenting on the event and the opportunities that exist for contractors who win the deals, HS2’s chief commercial officer Ruth Todd said: “Thousands of UK businesses are already helping to bring the HS2 network to life, and this latest round of contract opportunities opens the door for hundreds more to join them.”

At present, the main focus of work is on the section of the line between London and Birmingham, some of which will be in deep tunnels and others in cut-and-cover tunnels, but mostly in cuttings above the ground.

The main London terminus will be at Euston with an interchange connecting the line with the Elizabeth Line at Old Oak Common. In Birmingham, the site of the old Curzon Street station will be revived as the new terminus, with the remaining building of the original station built in 1838, a Grade I listed structure, being retained.

Later work will focus on the line up to Crewe and then beyond to Manchester Airport and then Manchester itself, potentially linking with Northern Powerhouse rail running east-west to Leeds, although this has also been cut back from its original blueprint.

HS2 is just one of the many rail projects on which firms using shelters may work over the next few years. As well as some new railway stations being restored or new ones being installed on existing lines, some old lines are being brought back altogether.

In the former case, the West Midlands is a good example. In addition to HS2, three new stations are being built in Walsall, includingat Willenhall and Darlaston, while the Camp Hill line in the south of Birmingham is getting four andanother four are being built in the metropolitan area, including one in Coventry. All this is in addition to theextension of the Midland Metro tram system.

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