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How Glastonbury Epitomises The ‘Pop-Up City’

There are many ways in which portable canopies can be useful, especially for events, but never on so large a scale as when a major summer festival takes place.

Summer is a time for big outdoor musical events, where large tents and other canopies are ideal for situations where it will always be at least reasonably warm and often hot, but not always dry.

Glastonbury is perhaps the biggest example of this. Writing nine years ago, The Guardian described the event as being a ‘pop up city’, with no fewer than 200,000 people turning up to the venue at Worthy Farm in Somerset. This meant, the paper observed, that for a few days each year there was a gathering of people more populous than all but seven permanent cities in the south of England.

All that, it noted, required a huge logistical operation and an awful lot of infrastructure, with tents and covers all over the place as well as everything else needed to house, feed, entertain and provide bathing and toilet facilities for so many people.

Nothing much has changed in that respect since the article was written; Glastonbury 2023 remains an event on a huge scale, as a simple glance at the map of the site shows.

Few other summer music festivals can rival Glastonbury for glamour or scale, but they still require some serious logistics and a lot of temporary installations.

This is even true of places that actually are in cities, like the Leeds part of the Reading / Leeds Festival, which is located not in any built-up area of this city of 812,000 people, but the wide green expanses of Bramham Park to the north-west of the main urban area. Even the Reading part is on green fields beside the Thames, normally left clear of structures as a flood plain.

If you are putting on a summer event, it may not be on the scale of these famous summer festivals. But portable canopies could still be vital in ensuring you have the spaces you use protected from the elements amid the unpredictable British summer weather.

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